Whats the best insoles for arch support ?

Answer I use Neat Feet if you have that where you live.

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Will wearing Insoles/Inserts for flat feet make it harder for me to walk without Insoles?

I also have fallen arches/flat feet. Have 1 pair of'indoor shoes'with normal soles so you dont have to practise in public and have your insole shoes for outside home, it will get you used to the no... Read More »

Whats the best way to contact youtube support.?

If you need to contactYouTube by phone, theirphone number is (650)253-0000. Alternatively,YouTube also has a faxnumber at (650) 253-0001. YouTube has a genericcomment page for support that could al... Read More »

Whats the best aid to support stopping smoking?

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The Best Gel Insoles?

Feet need adequate support in order to support the body's weight and perform daily activities, but often shoes alone do not provide the proper amount of support. Gel inserts, which are gel-filled p... Read More »