Whats the best form of birth control?

Answer an aspirinjust place between your knees and hold it there with your knees

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Of these two options...what is the best form of birth control?

go for option number three...this is what i use for birth personality.

Is Birth Control/Condoms A Form Of Abortion?

No, birth control pills, condoms, and all other types of birth control are ways to prevent pregnancy. Abortion is only after a woman is already pregnant.

What is the most effective form of over the counter birth control?

The combination of a spermicide for you and a condom for him, used properly EVERY time, is right up there with the pill. Withdrawal is HIGHLY risky so don't even think of using that.

Which is the more effective form of birth control: Condoms or my Masters of the Universe figurine collection?

Honey, when you're hung like the Nolte, there is no effective birth control. Such is your lot in life, you sexy beast.(((Nolte!)))