What's the best footwear for kicking your computer?

Answer Why risk hurting your foot by kicking it?Just run over it with your car or other heavy vehicle. ;)

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HELP Whats that thing called that allows your friend to control your computer from their computer (We bother?

In general, "remote access software"There is VNC for Mac, for sure (that's available cross-platform on Windows, Mac and Linux).You can give someone control, or just let them watch while you run som... Read More »

My internet and computer keep freezing up, whats wrong with my computer PLEASE HELP!!!?

Check http://www.pc-optimizer-pro.comWith pc optimizer pro you can safely clean, repair and optimize your computer.It will help improve your system performance without expensive hardware upgrades.

How to Resole Your Footwear?

Resoling your footwear, similar to the original sole, is economical. Custom resoling your footwear costs virtually the same and adds a lot of comfort.

What kind of footwear do you have on right now.?

barefoot.. But I have a favorite pair of thong sandals