What's the best flashlight for a woman?

Answer about 1. that works 2. is bright 3. flashlights rnt gender Oriented

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Whats sexier on a guy from a woman's view, Cruiser or sport bike?

depends on the woman, some like guys on this type of bike or that type of bike, some women hate bikes altogether...Not really the point though, If the only reason a girl is attracted to you is beca... Read More »

Unprotected sex several times just after a woman has finished her period whats the chances of pregnancy?

Whats a good beginner cruiser motorcycle for a 5'7 135lb. woman to begin on?

Would the crying woman like a Candy Crowley from CNN at Criss Angels Hummer gig be trying to deceive Vin Jay Leno in trying to steal from 128 333 42 cash to give the cops no whats a masspecometer?