What's the best device for reading (and carrying around) pdf ebooks, many of them quite large, with pictures?

Answer There isn't a good ebook reader that reads color PDFs. (Or rather, there isn't a dedicated ebook reader that reads color PDFs; the only ebook reader that does color is the REB 1200/Gemstar, and it ... Read More »

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Electronic books have taken the literary world by storm and the sale of electronic personal readers continues to grow. It was only a matter of time before schools began to incorporate this new tech... Read More »

Best Portable Reading Device 10 Points will be given!?

I'd go with the Kindle if I were you. I have the Kindle and my sister bought the Sony 700, the touchscreen one. She's way into the touchscreen tech - tablet PC, iPhone, iPod touch, Sony DSC-T700, e... Read More »

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