What's the best detergent to use on an LCD tv?

Answer Most experts suggest you can use a cleaning solution of 50% distilled water and 50% isopropyl (rubbing alcohol). You should use a soft cloth such as an old cotton T-shirt or handkerchief. Don't use... Read More »

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What is the best detergent?

On One Hand: Tide Coldwater Liquid Laundry rates Tide's Coldwater Liquid Detergent the best overall detergent on the market. Though the product is slightly more expensiv... Read More »

I thought I bought HE detergent or my washing machine a used discovered it was regular detergent/suds in sump?

run the machine with nothing in it to clear it out, give the detergent to someone that has a regular washer, go get the proper detergent

What is the difference between laundry detergent and synthetic detergent?

That's a question of semantics. With very few exceptions, all laundry detergent is "synthetic". Detergent is generally made up of a few kinds of ingredients: an oil basedsurfactant (cleaner), speci... Read More »

Are high phosphates the best in dishwasher detergent?

On One Hand: They Have BenefitsHigh phosphate levels in dishwasher detergent help neutralize the effects of hard water, like spotting and streaking, according to the Organic Consumers Association. ... Read More »