Whats the best deal on a computer I should look for now days?

Answer Obviously go for a Apple Mac, now many ppl are changing to Mac since Microsoft stills in Nothing with Vista, bunch of same Errors, Virus, ETC, and basicly they just copied Mac Os, -.- ..So for bett... Read More »

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How to Deal With Days Getting Shorter?

In the beginning of the summer, the days start to get shorter, meaning that it gets dark earlier. The days don't start to become noticeably shorter until about August, though. This all happens beca... Read More »

What is the deal with watches' batteries those days ?

I think they only last for 6-7 months now. I used my cell phone to check my time, since I am ot allowed to used watch at work.

Whats going on days of our lives?

Everything from the past, present & future of Days of our Lives can be found here:

Whats the best deal Sky+ plus or Bt vision?

sky+ Is great Bt vision has lots of faults my friend as it and i am on bt total braodband and called them up to rip it out rubbish service message for ppl dont use BT PRODUCTS!!