Whats the best deal Sky+ plus or Bt vision?

Answer sky+ Is great Bt vision has lots of faults my friend as it and i am on bt total braodband and called them up to rip it out rubbish service message for ppl dont use BT PRODUCTS!!

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Whats the difference between positive and negative vision levels?

You are nearsighted ( myopic)...your friend is farsighted ( hyperopic)Far sighted people at certain levels need them for distance vision also.In the normal eye, the light entering will focus right ... Read More »

Whats the whole deal with FTA satellite tv?

Directv dishes don't work with FTA Free to Air Systems. Dish Network does.First you need to pick your Equipment here:…Then you need to Find a local Satelli... Read More »

Whats the deal with Google?

You have an inferior internet browser. I suggest installing Opera.Google has also been known to "block" certain people. If you're on their blacklist for some reason you may want to call up your ISP... Read More »

Whats the big deal about MySpace?

uhhgg! some people just dont get it! i mean of course there are bad sides about it like the gross old men who try to pick up young people. but you CAN be safe on there. i'm pretty young and i have ... Read More »