Whats the best cure for a cold?

Answer there is no cure for a cold only remedies to make you feel better so just take two paracetamol

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Whats the best cure for a severe head cold?

I had a cold that wouldn't go away. I was convinced I had strep throat but the culture was negetive. My doctor got fed up with my complaining and sold me an herb called "Minor Bupleurum Formula".... Read More »

Sniff...* sniff...* ... whats the best cure for a cold... sniff...* ?

Honey and lemon always works or me, hope you feel better soon

Best 'cure' for common cold?

What absolute horsesh*t! I bet you dont even have a proper cold, not like me.But try drinking onions, I HEAR thats good.=) 10 points please

Best natural way to cure a cold?

Don't take those cold medicines, it will only you do you more harm than good. The best way to cure a cold is take natural remedies like ginger and honey. But there is a proper way of preparing this... Read More »