What's the best country song about going out and drinkin an ice cold beer an havin fun?

Answer Red solo cupPretty good at drinking beerSomethin bout a truck that is all I can come up with right now

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What is wrong with drinkin beer before noon?

It's 5 o'clock somewhere, so it doesn't matter what time it is.

What is the country song that mentions drinking beer in the stands?

Alabama - The Cheap Seats…

Can you catch the common cold in a hot country like Egypt, or is it just us all year round cold countries?

You can catch the common cold at anytime of the year and in any kind of environment. They call it a "Summer Cold" when you catch it in the Summer, but it is no different to the ones you catch in Wi... Read More »

Who song the song and whats the name of the song that played on the "Young & The Restless" today?

they played this one...not sure if it's the one you want other side - keaton simons…