What's the best connection for my printer, usb or parallel cable?

Answer it does not make a big enough difference to worry about making a wrong decision... Unless you are starting a Kinko's franchise

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Instructions for Parallel to USB Printer Connection Software?

Parallel to USB printer connection software allows you to hook up an older parallel port connection to a new computer. Computers currently produced no longer feature the parallel port connection, f... Read More »

What is the maximum length of a parallel printer cable?

An IEEE 1284 parallel cable, also known as a centronics cable, should be no more than 12 feet, although some manufacturers recommend only a 10-foot maximum length. Even with this limitation, thoug... Read More »

How do i connect hp deskjet printer to a wireless connection without usb cable?

go to their website and download the drive for your printer and once you have it just follow the directions from there; gives you instructions to go wireless and other stuff based on your printer.... Read More »

Which is a faster connection: a USB connection or a parallel port connection?

USB connections are faster than parallel connections. Even the most advanced parallel ports, like the EPP (Enhanced Parallel Port) and ECP (Extended Capabilities Port), have a maximum rate of 3Mbps... Read More »