What's the best computer program to use for writing music?

Answer For your first question, it's difficult to answer...honestly, just write whatever comes out -- don't try to conform to creative norms. Find your own voice and roll with that.As for what program wo... Read More »

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What Is The Best Program To Transfer Music From iPod to Computer?

iDump.I know it sounds WRONG, but it's a really great - and in my opinion, easy to use - program.…

What is the best program to download music on that doesnt harm your computer.?

There are quite a number of site able to help you to do so.. like limewire and bearshare, which is free but it is illegal and lot of virus on the song downloaded, which will crash your system easil... Read More »

Whats the best program on TV ?

Whats The Best Free Antivirus Program I CAn Get?

AVG. Spybot is NOT an antivirus program. It is for spam, spyware, adware, etc.