What's the best cartoon for pre-schoolers currentley?

Answer The Backyardigans is good for using the immagination, and Veggie Tales is a great morals booster. Dora the Explorer usually has a good message, and it works on language skills. My 4 year old enjo... Read More »

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Whats a good snack for middle schoolers?

Sandwiches, tomato, egg, cucumber, lettuce, cold meats, cheese.Some of those work well as combinations.Dune

What is most important in a learning environment for pre-schoolers Whats helpful and what is not?

Most important from what I've observed is lots of stuff to explore - textures (i.e. sand table, shaving cream), colors (art supplies), science (nature things, water&oil bottle, little science gadge... Read More »

Is Times Warner releasing a new Dungeons and Dragons cartoon series on Cartoon Network?

The fell beasts from lotr remind you of a similar creature from a cartoon does anyone know that cartoon?

NO! it is a interactive educational show that even adults will enjoy. Although the show is geared towards children ages 1-5, I have watched many episodes that I laughed along with my now 2 and half... Read More »