What's the best cartoon for pre-schoolers currentley?

Answer The Backyardigans is good for using the immagination, and Veggie Tales is a great morals booster. Dora the Explorer usually has a good message, and it works on language skills. My 4 year old enjo... Read More »

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Whats a good snack for middle schoolers?

Sandwiches, tomato, egg, cucumber, lettuce, cold meats, cheese.Some of those work well as combinations.Dune

What is most important in a learning environment for pre-schoolers Whats helpful and what is not?

Most important from what I've observed is lots of stuff to explore - textures (i.e. sand table, shaving cream), colors (art supplies), science (nature things, water&oil bottle, little science gadge... Read More »

The Best High School Math Curriculum for Home-schoolers?

Home-school curricula take a diversity of approaches to high school mathematics. Some programs introduce multiple concepts within a single lesson, whereas others require proficiency in a concept be... Read More »

The Best Writing Prompt Ideas for Middle Schoolers and Teenagers?

Teachers should expand their use of writing in classrooms, according to Dr. Peter Elbow, professor of writing and pedagogy at the University of Massachusetts. According to "Writing for Learning," D... Read More »