What's the best camera for amateur film making?

Answer The important thing in film making is having a good script, actors, directing, lighting, audio and music, good editing, etc.. The camera is one of the last things you should worry about if you're ... Read More »

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Is HDR-PJ650v camcorder good for amateur film making?

Take the $$ you would have spent on this unit & buy a camcorder without a built in projector. The projector feature is a complete waste of $$ if your aim is to buy as good a camcorder as you can af... Read More »

What Vintage Film SLR Camera Is Best For An Amateur?

They are all good. Of those I would pick the one that was in the best condition. It doesn't matter if the lenses aren't compatible with modern cameras... even though you can force an old Minolta ... Read More »

What's a good camera for an amateur film-maker?

To shoot film, you need a 16 mm or 35 mm motion picture cameraWhat I think you want to do is shoot video using some kind of video cameraWhat you don't seem to know is that getting a camera is only ... Read More »

What is a good camera for making amateur movies, and has an external microphone jack?

A Year ago I would recommend a miniDV.Today I am undecided. believe You should choose a HD camcorder with a hard disk if You work with a PC.Many regular camcorders have a mini stereo mic jack and a... Read More »