What's the best camera brand to get?

Answer a Nikon s600 is, in my opinion, is the best for photography. Canons and Kodaks are also very common, so whatever you choose is fine. My sister has a Nikon and she fell in love with it! She does ph... Read More »

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Whats the best brand for a digital camera?

Thinking of getting a new camera but dont know whats a better brand?

Brand is not as important as sensor size. A proper DSLR like the EOS Rebel or Nikon D series or Pentax or Sony DSLR cameras will all have a much larger sensor than the Samsung model you mentioned.... Read More »

Buying camera 1st camera i bought is Konica brand. The pic tooks >15yrs still very clear?

konica minolta was bought by sony. i think that is for slr cameras. for consumer digital cameras, i suggest canon compact digital cameras.

The battery shows to be charged but when put in the camera will not turn on this is on a camera with recording apitek brand?

Too many things here are left unanswered. 1) Does the camera turn on when a different battery is in it? 2) Can you verify that the battery is good? {do you have a multi-meter or battery tester ot... Read More »