Whats the best camera advice please?

Answer The only way to know which one "fits" best with your style of photography is to go into a camera store and try them out.The first good test is to see which one is the easiest for you to use. Try a... Read More »

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Whats the best advice you got to help you out during breastfeeding?

It seems like you already got a lot of advice from everyone. Once you start breastfeeding, you can ask form more specific advice according to your needs. The only thing I have to say is, if you r... Read More »

Whats the best advice when driving in snow?

Use the highest gear possible without stalling. The science behind this is that starting out in a lower gear, the wheels spin very fast, so you won't get as much traction.With a higher gear, the wh... Read More »

Whats the worst advice you have seen given in this section?

I don't think this is the worst, but its the most recent one i can remember...yesterday someone asked about cleaning a pacifier with mouthwash..someone suggest bleach and water... ugh!

Thinking of buying a 47"tv whats best LCD or PLASMA any advice?

there are few main differences Plasma-you will get a greater picture on a plasma you will not get a blury picture from any fast motions like football games.they do get a little bit hotter then LCDS... Read More »