What's the best browser to use?

Answer i would say firefox due to all the safety features.

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Whats the best browser?

Firefox. It supports extensions, it's fast, although kinda hogs the ram...If you just want something to work without all the fancy extensions, then Google Chrome is where you want to go. It's fast,... Read More »

Whats the best web browser?

I use Chrome and Firefox equally for different things. Both are great browsers...and in all reality there is no such thing as a "best" anything when it comes to technology. Some products may excel ... Read More »

Whats wrong with my browser or pc?

Try to use other browser like Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome because sometimes Opera can't generate scripts from some websites.Try to update your flash player and shockwave.Finally update and sca... Read More »

Whats the best internet browser?

I'd definitely go for Firefox Mozilla. Google Chrome is newer but I used them for sometime and then didn't find them as good as Firefox. The latest Firefox version 6 rocks in terms of features and ... Read More »