Whats the best brand for a digital camera?

Answer Fujifilm.

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What is the best brand for digital camera?

even though my hp camera was only like $40 it's great and i've had it for a year you can record videos and most people who see the quality of the pictures on my camera say they're nice i'm not a ca... Read More »

Which brand should i buy a digital camera?

Which digital camera brand would you say is the best and why?

I agree that Canon and Nikon are the best companies. They make cameras. Not like Casio, samsung, or sony. They are dedicated camera companies. Anyways I think anything Canon is great. they have cam... Read More »

I want to buy a digital camera...what's the best brand?

First of all, think about your budget- how much you are willing to spend. Also think of what type of digital camera do you want to buy- compact or SLR? From your question, you don't seem to be look... Read More »