Whats the best big TV i can buy for less than 5K?

Answer the best picture and reliability would be a 58" panasonic plasma the model # is th58pz7 something the price is around3500 this tv has been #1 plasma and plasmas have been proven to deliver the best... Read More »

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How to Look Your Best in Less Than 10 Minutes?

Everyone has that day where they wake up late, and need to get ready fast. Here's an article that will help you out, when you're in a rush.

What are the best pair of earbuds for less than $100?

In canal shure is the best , the new ones are in range of 480$ The older shure version (E2C) for 62$ should be a good bet Hey It still is a shure, just a gen older, and hasa recieved real good revi... Read More »

Best ways to loose weight in less than a week?

day 1 & day 2: eat only green 'll make your stomach shrinks ( eat when u r hungry not only to fell ur stomach)-day 3 & day4:drink only skimmed milk -day 5 & day 6:eat kiwi OR pineapple-... Read More »

What is the best 3D TV you can possibly get for less than 1800 bucks?

Mistubishi 738 series-anything but an lg-They are outrageous and spam websites all day to advertise.