Whats the best and quickest way to clean your system of marijuana?

Answer go to rehab!or just stop it!

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Whats the quickest way to get cocaine and THC out of your system?

er, please don't drink any bleach. a cup of bleach will likely kill you. even quicker than the coke.i passed by drinking a jar full of pickle juice once - and gallons of water, over about 5 days. i... Read More »

What is the quickest and best way to get weed out of your system for a drug test?

Go to GNC..get something (in a liquid form) to clean "toxins" from your body. If you have a little moretime before, No-Flush niacin seems to be effective and isn't so costly.

Whats the best way and quickest way to remove a wart from a finger?

cut it off with a scalpel.of course you would only do this yourself if you were mental.go to the docs

In your opinion whats the best system out their: The wii, Xbox360, or Ps3?

Well I would have to say at this present time in gaming history the best system out there would have to be the xbox 360.I only say this because I know for a fact that Halo 3 can only be used on the... Read More »