What's the best (and least painful) way to draw out a splinter deep in the skin?

Answer Just grab a hold of the darn thing and yank it out. ( use tweezers) It will only hurt for a second or two but it will feel so much better when it's out.Go ahead, be brave, take a deep breath and g... Read More »

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Your best bet for something that big is a deskscan6 series.They only work upto windows XP and are made by HP

Spectacularly painful tiny splinter stuck in my finger...?

put ur finger in warm water it will probably pull it out or try scraping with tweezers good luck ! those splinters hurt so much ouch! * 4 ur pain! :D

How do i get rid of a pretty deep splinter?

You can get a piece of duct tape and put it on like a bandaid and see how much it pulls out. You can get eyebrow pluckers and see if you can get a grip on it and pull it out. You can dribble some g... Read More »

Whats the best way to get extemely deep down dirt out of a linoleum floor?

Hot water and ammonia. Spread it on, let it sit for a minute then mop up. The ammonia will break down any wax residue that's on the floor that may be holding onto the dirt, keeping the linoleum d... Read More »