Whats the best aid to support stopping smoking?

Answer Its not just the nicotine. Its also the other 50+ chemicals they out in cigarettes. Also the main problem is habit.We have been used to having body sensations which we translate as 'my body needs s... Read More »

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What is the best way of stopping cigerate smoking?

go to the cancer ward with people dying of lung cancer. and then see if you wanna puff again.

Whats the best way to quit smoking?

I believe the best way to quit smoking is to slowly cut down to 0 cigarettes a day. But I think this is different for everyone. I heard that there is a new drug called Chantix that might help but I... Read More »

Whats the best wood chips to use for smoking beef brisket?

I use Hickory or Maple, Mesquite is to strong unless it is a Texas based recipe, you want a light wood to use for smoking, the 2 I mentioned or a fruit wood like apple even pecan wood or shells.

Whats the best insoles for arch support ?

I use Neat Feet if you have that where you live.