What's the best Starbucks drink?

Answer Starbucks has lots of drinks other than just coffee. I'll give you a list:Caramel FrappuccinoVery Berry HibiscusCool LimeSalted Caramel Hot ChocolateWhite Hot ChocolatePeppermint Hot ChocolateCinna... Read More »

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Whats your fav starbucks drink?

Whats a good drink at starbucks?

I haven't been there in awhile. But since when is coffee a beer, wine & spirit?

What do you think is the best drink at starbucks?

Ooooh!!! definately the caramel mocchiatto!!!(hope i spelled that right! lol) well anyways, its really yummmya girl at our local starbucks made a strawberry lemonade smoothie thing, it was really g... Read More »

Which drink from starbucks is better?