Whats the best Latin/Funk/Soul music artist too listen and just chill too?

Answer try Santana

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Why is it not socially acceptable for a male to listen to a female music artist?

I suspect it's not a gender issue but more of what you are listening to.

I had an update on my phone the Motorola bravo it then said SD card safe to remove When I tried to listen to music It said SD card busy When removed you cant listen to music?

HTC is not a phone. HTC is a company. The following phones have been known as 'iPhonek killers':Samsung Galaxy SHTC Desire HDGoogle Nexus SFor the main part, the above Android phones are more power... Read More »

I would like to only listen to one artist on Pandora.?

If you could listen to one artist, and only one, for the rest of your life, who would it be, and why?

No question - the Beatles. They have such an incredible variety of music, and it's all so good!If I could pick 3, maybe the Beatles, the Shins, and Paul Simon?