What's the best Image editing program/website under $30.00?

Answer First of all, it is impossible to enlarge a Raster image (bitmap) without some loss of quality. In fact, the more you enlarge such digital images, the more loss there is. Only Vector images may b... Read More »

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What is image editing software?

Image editing software programs enable a user to modify digital images on a computer. Image editing software can be simple programs that are developed for the general user, or they may be comprehen... Read More »

How to Use Free Online Image Editing Software?

This Article explains how to edit your Photographs on Internet. Using these suggestions, you can easily edit the photographs.

MiraScan quits when I try to load it in an image-editing software, like Photoshop. Why?

it could be a number of reasons1)the motherboard.. can u try a different setting, i know theres epp .. and epp + blah blah..2)the scanner drivers may not be so great or the twain driveri had to giv... Read More »

Hey guys whats the best android phone now in the market ranging from Rs 3000 to 4500?

If you can just a bit save around and increase your budget more 500rs you can hand yourself with the best budget phone available in the market.Micromax A65 Smarty 4.3 Rs. 4,999 at "FLIPKART".Genera... Read More »