What's the best HD camcorder to use for independent filmmakers?

Answer Not knowing what you already have or have access to, in the way of lighting, mics, external audio recording, tripods/camera cranes, dolly track, "Steadicam" or similar worn stabilizer, vehicle moun... Read More »

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What's the best camcorder for independent horror movie?

Before you decide on which camcorder - or we make suggestions - we need to know if that $800 budget includes mics, lighting, cables, power, tripods or other steadying devices, computer upgrade for ... Read More »

What Camcorder should an Independent Filmmaker with no money buy?

You get nothing for nothing, and this is very true when you start to talk about video. A very good cheap camera (secondhand) would be something like a canon XL1s or XL2, an XL1 you would be able to... Read More »

Whats the difference between a $200 HD camcorder and a $2,000 HD camcorder besides features?

Video quality and the user's control over it are HUGE differences. On a $200 camcorder, expect little to no manual zoom (specifically optical zoom) or focus. Expect highly compressed formats like... Read More »

Whats a good camera for a independent film?

you don't need HD. Everything that has come out that say's its HD really isn't. If it records to a tape, its not HD. It's an HD codec that the computer reads and in actuality is much more compre... Read More »