What's the best DSLR camera out there?

Answer The Fuji S5200 is a great camera and great value for money. Here's a review:…The same goes for the Nikon D80, of course: Read More »

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Whats a good first dslr camera to get?

Yes! absolutely!For reference if you are interested please refer to a question I just answered comparing the D40X to the D80.…The main drawback for me is t... Read More »

Whats the difference between a Refurbished and a New DSLR camera?

Refurbished is a used camera which at best has just been cleaned up for sale and at worse has had repairs and potentially parts replaced.Given the option - always buy new.

Best dslr/camera for me?

If you are only using the camera to shoot films and not stills then forget using a stills camera. Buy a proper camcorder. You will get better, smoother, more accurate power-zoom, better autofocus... Read More »

What's the best DSLR camera?

Get the Canon.Virtually every Pro uses Canon because the lenses (especially the Telephotos)are sharper and have less distortion than Nikon.Don't believe me, try it your self by choosing the lens yo... Read More »