Whats the best 3d monitor out of these?

Answer The asus are know for being 3d ready and are very reliable well performing.I would honestly stay away from brands that produce cheaper lower end parts like the Acer.I have also never heard of Benq ... Read More »

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Whats the best way to clean my monitor screen?

Whats the best way to clean my flat screen monitor?

Just a damp cloth (not wet)orGo to the computer shop and buy an off the shelf product. I use sachets of a disposable cleaning towel, work well.

Whats the best polaroid camera these days?

Since you have put it as modern instant camera then it should be Polaroid Digital instant cameras. These cameras do instant photo prints but unlike old camera these have inbuilt memory and u can ev... Read More »

Whats the best reason you should not attempt to repair a CRT monitor?

Capabilities, and you can kill you, really!!!! Call a pro or just buy a new one!