What's the Difference Between Flat-Panel& LCD Monitors?

Answer Flat-panel monitors and Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) monitors are essentially the same thing in computer lingo. An LCD monitor is just one type of the flat panel monitors that are on the market, wi... Read More »

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How to Measure Flat Panel Computer Monitors?

Computer monitor sizes can be a mystery to understand and to measure. IN previous years, monitors were only of the CRT type, which stands for cathode ray tube. These monitors lost an inch or more o... Read More »

Do older flat panel monitors have an LED backlight?

Older flat panel displays did not use light-emitting diodes (LEDs) for backlights. Until the late 2000s, most flat panel displays used fluorescent lamps to light the screen. This resulted in uneven... Read More »

Who makes dell flat panel monitors?

Dell is the company that manufactures Dell flat panel monitors. Dell produces a wide variety of flat panel monitors, from 10 inch monitors to 32 inch monitors as of 2010. Also, Dell produces monito... Read More »

Do flat panel screens give off more radiation than the old PC monitors?

Technically, the flat panels don't give out any dangerous radiation at all. However, the old ones can give out 2 radiations: 1. The old screen bombard a chemical coating on the screen with electron... Read More »