What's that janoskians video?

Answer Its a song by faydee called forget the world :D…^^^ Theres the link :D its a good song !!!!hope i helped ...

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What is the lip piercing that Luke Brooks from the Janoskians has?

its just a side lip piercing. looks to be a 16g. just tell your piercer where you want it positioned, and they'll put it there.

Whats that video editor?

iMovie, You have to have a mac to use it...

Whats a good idea for a video that will be popular ?

I can't really tell you what to do cause different people like different things.But one thing I know most people like that is popular is.Comedy.Just be funny I have never met anyone who hates laugh... Read More »

Whats a good and small video camera that is not expensive?

buy a digital camera that has a GOOD video thing on it :)try:wal-martzellerssearsany place like that would be good :)