What's that cereal called that looks like little golden pieces of toast?

Answer French Crunch:)

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Whats the best Cereal to make cereal bars with?

i just made some with cocoa puffs, added peanut butter and pressed whole peanuts into the top,; they were very good

Whats the newest cereal out now?

oooh just bought two new cereals!! Eggo waffle cereal (its cool its like mini waffles!!) and berry krispies!! Kinda taste like oops all berries with rice krispies in it! Yummy stuff!!

Whats your favorite cereal?

Whats your favorite type of cereal?

Depends, I like eating some cereal right out of the box. I like to eat Cookie Crisp and Cinnamon Toast Crunch that way. I only eat Honey Bunches of Oats and Captin Crunch with Crunch Berries in mil... Read More »