"What's something that you'd NEVER put on a sandwich."?

Answer Rice

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Is there something that we are still doing the same way today since yester year that has never changed?

I'm watching Pirates of the Carribean right now.

Whats up with this big virus that microsoft is offering a reward to stop, or something like that, is it true?

I think you are talking about the april fools virus called "Conflicker". The microsoft company is offering $250,000 dollars for the guys arrest who made the virus, they think he lives in russia or ... Read More »

Whats a problem with your knee that will never go away?

Chondromalacia. I have it and it is painful. Here is a website.

Whats a good video that something jumps out and scares the **** out you?

lololololol thats what I did for my project ;3 It scared one of my classmates so much, he peed his pants. Here's the link to the video:…