Whats something good to print out?

Answer Write a short story and print it out for your family and friends.

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Whats something good to eat for lunch?

Hambruger helperHotdogsHambrugerschipsPasta saldBaked beansChickenRicesaldlasgna

My printer won't print a page, but when I try to scan something, it'll scan it. Whats the deal?

Whats something good to make scars disappear?

OMG I am so sorry that happened to you! What pathetic human beings! But everyone always tells you that the age old secret to getting rid of scars is Cocoa Butter. It is tried and true. It may take ... Read More »

Whats a good video that something jumps out and scares the **** out you?

lololololol thats what I did for my project ;3 It scared one of my classmates so much, he peed his pants. Here's the link to the video:…