What's some new colouring method I could do with my hair (not dipdye)?

Answer Maybe dye the tips or underneath black? (or both) I did that before and got tons of compliments. (:

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How do you think hair treatments like re bonding and colouring actually damage your hair?

Putting any type of chemical on the hair is not good for it. It drys it out and causes breakage.

Help with hair dye colouring?

It will always be darker than usual if you just dyed it. After a few washes i guarantee it will get lighter.

Hair colouring help or ideas?

it will be fine, as long as you aren't constantly bleaching your hair, it will be okay! semi-permanent dye just coats the hair strand so it doesn't really damage it like bleaches or permanent dyes.... Read More »

Organic Hair Colouring Products?

Many people use hair color in the United States despite safety concerns. Hair dye contains a number of carcinogenic chemicals that may damage humans and the environment. While there is no conclusi... Read More »