What's some good studying food?

Answer Nothing with excessive high sugar count, that will make you less concentrated.Normal healthy food would be alright, bread and fruits are perfect.I have heard a myth about if you taste a certain tas... Read More »

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Is there any financial aid program for studying in US for studying food technology?

Provided that you can obtain a student visa, most graduate schools will provide you with a stipend (in return for serving as a teaching assistant and then eventually a research assistant if you pur... Read More »

Whats a good stoner food and drink?

Whats good party food to have at a sleepover?

geez, do you know anything about health and having a nice body? That food certainly isn't helping neither of them. Eat healthy at a young age so you dont become obeist like the general public.

Whats your favorite food Whats the worst food you ever had?

Chicken Tarragon:Chicken breast rolled in flour, garlic, salt, pepper and tarragon - flash fried in butter.Next cover the chicken in a buttered dish with double cream mixed with salt pepper, tarrag... Read More »