Whats so special about Artesian Water?

Answer Many years age I had an artesian well in may back yard. It ran constantly - no pump, just all by itself. It was full of sulfur and iron, it smelled like rotten eggs and it turned the ground red. Pe... Read More »

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Whats so special about blu-ray?

Whats so special about computer monitors when I could just connect my HDTV to my laptop?

Computer monitors are designed for computers. It's a personal preference, but there are reasons why you should or shouldn't.TVs have poor pixel density. A 50" TV will have a 1920x1080 resolution, b... Read More »

Which is the best sort of printer, ink or bubble jet. whats the main difference and do you need special paper?

between inkjet and bubble jet printers, inkjet are better, but if you want to even get better quality print get a laser jet printer. no special paper required.

Does an artesian spring mean natural gas is present?

On One Hand: Formation of Artesian WellsArtesian wells, commonly thought of as wells where water spurts from a drilled water well without the need of a pump, are powered by water pressure, not by t... Read More »