What's so great about vista windows?

Answer I bet you that many of these people don't even have VIsta, and are just spreading the hype.I, on the other hand, own a copy of Windows Vista Home Premium, and I would gladly choose it over all the ... Read More »

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Whats better windows vista or windows xp?

XP; Vista is not very thought out. Very user unfriendly....

Ok windows vista is acting up..whats new...?

Are you leaving your external hard drive plugged in all the time?If so, turn your PC off and disconnect the External. Reboot and wait until Windows is completely finished loading.Then, plug in you... Read More »

Whats the best security for windows vista?

live onecare is pretty good actually. so far so good. its been 2 months and i haven't encountered any problems. doesn't slow down my system. it prompts me for absolutly everything which can be ... Read More »

What is Bubble Tea and whats so great about it?

Bubble tea is also called boba tea. It's new to non-East Asians, but for me (I'm Chinese American), it's something I grew up with and can find easily (or even make).The bubbles (or boba) is made fr... Read More »