What's so great about Facebook?

Answer simply put. itz a waste of time!

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What is Bubble Tea and whats so great about it?

Bubble tea is also called boba tea. It's new to non-East Asians, but for me (I'm Chinese American), it's something I grew up with and can find easily (or even make).The bubbles (or boba) is made fr... Read More »

Whats so great about blu ray hows it different from dvds?

Blu-ray is a storage format that has 50GB of space vs. DVD's 18GB maximum. That means you can use them to store and play high definition video with 5 times the resolution and uncompressed lossless... Read More »

What is so great about a facebook?

Well you can communicate with friends. Find old friends and meet new people. Get connected with groups and events. Post photo's, add applications ...etc.There is a reason why Facebook is the lar... Read More »

Whats so fun about facebook?

i dont think there's anything fun about it...let me know when you find out.