Whats so good about a Mac?

Answer Nothing.@Jordan W.1. Neither does Linux, Solaris, NetBSD, AROS, QNX, etc...2. Now that's just stupid. If they "always worked" they wouldn't need warranties.3. By "their time", you must mean 1984. I... Read More »

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Whats so good about the iphone?

IPhone is like private school for bad kids... your locked insideThe Xperia is like a school that give u a great education but with all the freedom you need to have fun...

Whats good about living in Darwin?

- Near the coast- Close to the Asian countries nearby... easier to travel there. - Largest city in NT... more access to resources there in that part of the state- Charles Darwin University, which i... Read More »

Whats a good blog about Japan and Gardens?

I stumbled upon a really interesting blog the other day about some guy who gardens in the Japanese Alps. He actually has some good stuff on his website. Looks kind of new but I hope this helps.

Whats a good indoor and out door camcorder with good qaulity?

I'v been a videographer for over 10 yrs. From my experience, the Sony PD-150 is an excellent and reasonably priced camera that offers good low-light sesitivity, resolution, sound, and ease-of-use. ... Read More »