Whats positive about international adoption?

Answer August 5'1876

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What kind of adoption is good for an international adoption?

On One Hand: You Can Learn an Older Child's BackgroundWhen you adopt a noninfant internationally, your family will usually receive a more complete medical history for the child than if you adopt an... Read More »

Positive adoption language - why not "reunion"?

You're absolutely right.It takes the emotion out - and hinders reform.Adoption agencies want adoptive parents to pretend that once children are relinquished and adopted - that the link between bio ... Read More »

What Is the International Adoption Form I-90?

Form I-90 is the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) paperwork an adoptive parent would use if his child's permanent resident card, commonly called a green card, is lost or is expirin... Read More »

How expensive is an international adoption?

Answer International adoptions tend to run from about twelve or fifteen thousand to about thirty. But the cost usually includes agency fees, travel expenses and CIS (formerly called the INS) fees,... Read More »