What's police scanner and what's this for?

Answer The police scanner apps are apps that listen to live online scanner audio. The live scanner audio can be of police, fire, ems, amateur radio, or anything else. The legailty issue is somewhat up in ... Read More »

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Whats up with a persons police scanner now?

No.First off, not everyone is going digital. There are tons of agencies not using digital and will be tons of agencies that will never go digital. Going digital means replacing or reprogramming rad... Read More »

Whats the point of a scanner?

Whats wrong with my scanner?

Uninstall your software and reinstall it, or you have scratched the scanner sensor

Would this police/ems/fire scanner work for this area in NC?

Lincoln County and the city of Lincolnton do use analog frequencies. So , the BC72XLT will work. I did notice that Lincoln County has channels on the digital radio system that the state of North Ca... Read More »