What's overall bettter for breakfast?

Answer Without a doubt muesili is better for your health. You can add some honey to sweeten it to your liking,and it will still be very healthy. Remember your body is a permanent thing and each choice mat... Read More »

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Whats a healthy breakfast?

Oatmeal is my favorite. The typical serving on the box is 150 calories, and it makes a LOT! I like to get the plain, nonflavored kind, add cinnamon, and add my own fruit: chopped banana, strawberri... Read More »

Whats a breakfast without any bacon?

It can actually be pretty good. I like eating sunny side up eggs with some salt and pepper and jellied and buttered toast with raspberry jelly!

Whats your favorite breakfast cereal?

What Graphic Card is bettter?

I don't think any of those cards can run the games you want to play. However the ATI one is better.…theres a website where you can buy new ones for a good ... Read More »