What's more in demand, computer science or information technology?

Answer Fifty Fifty.

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Science Projects on Information Technology?

Information Technology, or IT, is an exciting field that shapes the technological landscape of the world we live in. IT connects the world through a combination of computing and telecommunications.... Read More »

About Bachelor of Science Degrees in Information Technology?

Computer science and information technology is a very fast growing field with great opportunities for entry level professionals. An information technology student has to have analytical thinking sk... Read More »

Which one will benefit me more as an Information Technology Major?

If your ultimate goal is I.T., computer science should be your choice. Keep in mind, there is a gross misconception about the learning process. People tend to think once they have that sheepskin, t... Read More »

Careers in Computer Information Technology?

Computer information technology is a broad term that refers to all aspects involving processing and managing computer-related technologies. Professionals in this field are responsible for designing... Read More »