What's life like bleeding on the floor?

Answer I love that song!!Thanks for the Venom.LOLThat's my favorite line too!!!

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Whats internal bleeding feel like?

bruises are internal bleeding I'm sure you've had a bruise before

Whats a quick home remedy to stop bleeding?

If you are pregnant and then started bleeding and after you stop bleeding you still have the symptoms does it mean you are still pregnanti was only bleeding for a week?

go see a doctor ANSWER BY XxPINKPRINCESSxX Hi did you take a pregnancy test did it come up positive? If not how did you know that you are pregnant cause if it came up negative and your thinking y... Read More »

Whats your favourite song that mentions the word "Blood" or "Bleeding" in the title or lyrics?

I know no tr00 Metalhead should like it, but I really dig Bleeding Me from Metallica's Load album.…Check it out, so smooth and tantalizing.Another fav of m... Read More »