What's it like to be high on ecstasy?

Answer MDMA itself is an incredibly wonderful, therapeutic experience. With one pill you feel very positive, energetic, and calm. You think very clearly and have intense feelings of empathy and love for... Read More »

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Whats it like to be rolling on molly (pure ecstasy)?

You take molly the same way you take any roll. It won't be pressed into a pill because you can't press molly so it'll be in a bag or a capsule. You can then swallow the capsule or remove it from th... Read More »

Whats watchin a scary movie like high?

The answer depends on what you are on. If you are trippin' on shrooms, you will have a seriously bad time and an epic freakout. If you just smoke weed, then it would depend on how much that you s... Read More »

Was this a normal ecstasy high ?

whether it is normal or not is not the point if you choose to indulge in this sort of behaviour you should always make sure there is someone with you in case things to awry.

What's the effects of ecstasy like?

It feels nothing like being drunk.You feel wide awake, alert, and completely in tune with the people your with and your surroundings. Your heart beats really fast (which is probably why some people... Read More »