What's it like being a working at Olive Garden?

Answer It is very working at olive garden but respectibly good money!I am a waiter and people give tips all the time!It is a thrill going to work every day I have to work!It's never a day where you say " ... Read More »

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Whats the difference between standard olive oil and extra virgin olive oil?

Extra Virgin Olive Oil doesn't put out. Edit-I'm not goin' there either, Niagra...

What's the 'Olive Garden' like-?

Flippin amazing unlimited bread sticks salad and I always get the chicken Alfredo soo yummy

I think Olive Garden is the best?

Yea...I definately agree.The chicken alfredo is to die for.Next time...get the alfredo dipping sauce for the breadsticks...holy crap is that good!!!! :-)(btw...the salad rocks too!)

Do you like olive garden?

Yes.I'd rather go someplace else most of the time, but the OG is just fine.