What's is the best way to burn fat?

Answer A lot of people believe that if you do crunches, you'll lose weight in your stomach, or if you do arm curls, you'll lose your flabby arms. My sister is a personal trainer at a gym, and she says tha... Read More »

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Whats the best thing to put on a burn?

run it under cold running water and then put on some lotion or ointment

Sun burn that's bubbling up,whats best to use?

If they're fluid filled bubbles and they cover a large portion of your body, you should go to the hospital. They are second degree burns and you risk becoming dehydrated. If they are air-filled bub... Read More »

Whats the best thing to heal a burn?

If you can get your hands on silvadene cream it's good on those types of burns. Or A&D ointment or aquaphor are also good, something to keep it from sticking to the bandage. Keep it clean by washin... Read More »

Whats the fastest way to heal a minor burn?

In one Emergency Room where I worked we used to soak a fresh minor burn (one that's not blistering) in betadine ice water: you pour betadine or iodine liquid over ice and immerse the thumb in that.... Read More »