Whats is all about?

Answer "AOL Stalker is the search engine where you can search for AOL users search engine queries. Not only will you find their search history, when they searched for it and what they found but also lists... Read More »

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Whats so special about blu-ray?

Whats so fun about facebook?

i dont think there's anything fun about it...let me know when you find out.

Whats so good about a Mac?

Nothing.@Jordan W.1. Neither does Linux, Solaris, NetBSD, AROS, QNX, etc...2. Now that's just stupid. If they "always worked" they wouldn't need warranties.3. By "their time", you must mean 1984. I... Read More »

Whats so good about the iphone?

IPhone is like private school for bad kids... your locked insideThe Xperia is like a school that give u a great education but with all the freedom you need to have fun...