Whats in your refrigerater?

Answer A wee sprite who turns the light on

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How would you store a refrigerater?

You have to keep it upright and in a normal temperature (like where it would be in your house. If it is left on it's side the gas will run out of the back of it and it won't work anymore.

I want to get a mini refrigerater but my parents won't let me. how can i convince them to let me get one?

tell them about the good sides of it and tell them if you do something then you can earn it check ebay it might cost less

Can i plug a refrigerater into a power strip with a computer on the powerstrip aswell?

Not recommended. The refrigerator has a large inrush current when it switches on. This will lower the volatge temporarily on the strip for all connected devices. In fact, a refrigerator should not ... Read More »

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