Whats in your favorite cocktail?

Answer Brandy Sour.Brandy, lemon squash, soda water and a dash of angostura bitters. It's from Cyprus.

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What is your favorite Cocktail and Beer?

What is your favorite cocktail(if any)for New Year's Eve?

it's got to be eggnog & captain morgain spiced rum!

Your favorite summer cocktail / Tropical drink / Beverage. And why?

Take the Singapore Sling to cool you down with sweet sour taste to keep you bright & cheerful in summer with a tiny colourful nice.

Pizza! Whats your favorite kind of pizza, your favorite shop?

My favorite pizza of all time is from Giordano's in the Chicago area. REAL deep dish pizza, with spinach, mushroom and onion. YUMM-O!!